Writing Letters

Despite computers and emails, even normal, genuine letters are still being written today. For example, business letters, letters to authorities or applications are also compiled by computer and then printed, but there are occasions and occasions when a handwritten letter is much better.

Speech style and handwriting

For example, the good old love letter is still not out of fashion and congratulations, thanks or condolences receive their personal touch not only by the choice of words and the style of speech, but also by their own handwriting.

Regardless of the occasion and, in principle, irrespective of whether the letter is written by hand or by computer, most people must first learn to write and practice the letter. There are big differences between spoken and written language, but the more often someone writes letters, the easier it will be for him.

Instructions and standards for writing letters

Ultimately, however, there is no strict guidance, especially for personal letters, because, for example, it is only partially possible to divide a love letter into an introduction, a main part and a concluding part. However, there are some basic elements that almost every letter contains, such as the salutation and salutation, and business letters are subject to certain standards that should be respected.

Anyone can learn and adhere to such guidelines if they want to write letters. In addition, there are some tips for writing letters that primarily help to avoid typical mistakes.

Many tend to work in letters with cumbersome phrases and old-fashioned phrases.

The written language is a bit more complex than the everyday language, but that does not mean that letters have to be written in dusty German. A good tip is therefore to orient yourself when writing letters on the spoken word.

This means that letters can be used in a stylish, upscale colloquial language that is understandable and comprehensible to everyone. However, this applies not only to the wording and the wording, but also to the length of the sentences.

Again, a sophisticated conversation serves as a guide and it makes sense to combine short with slightly longer sentences. If the sentence lengths are between 10 and 20 words, there are no complicated, nested and hard to read tapeworm sentences, but at the same time the writing style is not too choppy.

Error in letters

Another common mistake is that letters like to try to be particularly elegant. This is usually done by stringing together countless foreign words or converting verbs into main words.

However, foreign words should only be used if they are words that belong to common usage and there is no German word for it. In addition, the author should know both the meaning of the foreign word and know how this word is written.

Verbs and nouns

Verbs bring a letter to life, while a letter in which verbs are constantly being transformed into nouns seems cumbersome and constructed. In addition, attention should be paid in a letter to an active and positive language, passive formulations, negative words and also conjunctions should be avoided as far as possible. In particular, conjunctions are often used because this is equated with politeness.

However, conjunctions are usually less polite, but above all uncertain. The most important tip, however, is that when writing letters it should always be considered who is being written to.

Letters are not written like books, newspaper articles or texts on the Internet for an anonymous readership and should address as many readers as possible, but are always addressed to a specific recipient. Therefore, the author can and should address the recipient of his letter personally and directly, even by integrating his name into the letter again and again.

Letters by hand

If letters are written by hand, ink is much better suited and appealing than a commercial pen. The classic ink colors are black or royal blue.

In private correspondence can also be used in addition to brown ink, which sometimes has a somewhat negative aftertaste and looks rather outdated. Colored ink makes a playful impression, but is often inappropriate in letters.

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