Tutorial Writing

The term tutorial is a loanword from English and goes back to the Latin verb tueri for protect, preserve or maintain. A tutorial is a kind of tutorial that explains the operation and functions of a computer program step by step.

Tips and Tricks

The intent of a tutorial is to help users get to know the main features of the program, with tutorials often based on learning by doing.

In this respect, users basically receive instructions for independent learning as well as proven tips and tricks when dealing with the program. Unlike a manual or a reference work, however, tutorials only introduce the respective field of application and therefore do not have to fully demonstrate the scope of functions or the backgrounds.

Write instructions and requirements for the tutorial

If you want to write a tutorial yourself, you should take into account some basic requirements that relate to the layout, the structure and the content.

The layout

The layout determines the first impression of the user significantly and if the tutorial is visually not appealing, he probably will not want to deal with it. For a pleasing layout, a clear and clear structure is important.

This means that the tutorial should be divided into several sections, each of which is divided into paragraphs and provided with appropriate headings. An optimal reading flow is ensured if the font is aligned left-justified.

Centered or right-aligned textual texts disturb the overall picture. To emphasize important passages, you can use bold, italic, underlined or, in the case of headlines, larger text. On different fonts or colored fonts, however, the author should do without.

The structure

A structured structure is important in order to be able to explain the contents comprehensively and comprehensively to the reader and in this way actually help him. All in all, a tutorial is divided into an introduction, a main part and a final section, as are all written works in principle.

The introduction of a tutorial usually consists of three elements, namely an abstract, a foreword and a table of contents. The abstract summarizes in a few sentences what the tutorial is all about. It makes sense here to briefly reproduce the entire contents, so that the reader can get an overview of whether and to what extent the tutorial is relevant for him.

The foreword is the actual introduction, so the reader is introduced to the topic and attuned to it. The table of contents is an overview of how the tutorial is structured and where what content is. In most cases, it is sufficient to design the table of contents with the respective headings of the sections and paragraphs.

In the main part of the topic is then executed and formulated the specific instructions for the reader. It is advisable, however, not to go directly into the matter, but first to clarify some basic questions.

This can include, for example, which knowledge is required, which equipment is required, for whom the described functions and applications are particularly suitable or which problems can occur even, make get help how to write my essay . It is also important to work with individual chapters, so that readers can quickly find specific content or retrace individual steps if necessary.

The conclusion summarizes the most important points and can also contain a conclusion. In addition, the author may point out further information, for example, on more complex issues or on points that were not discussed in the tutorial.

Directory and sources

In terms of content, it is important that the tutorial is written in such a way that an inexperienced reader can follow the instructions. This means that the author should be careful to explain complicated terms and to describe the individual steps clearly.

This also presupposes that the author expresses himself clearly, objectively and precisely and also complies with the applicable orthography and grammar rules. If the author uses or quotes sources in his tutorial, he must also name them, best listed in a directory.

If the author gives tips based on experience or assumptions, he should also point out this accordingly, so as not to give the impression that his statements are provable facts.

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